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Trying to Make New Friends

Today I am feeling discouraged and sad. Recently I have attempted to join some groups for littles in my area. Wait, let me back up a bit.

I have a visual impairment. It doesn’t necessarily hinder me from doing most things in life; however, it does mean that I must do most things different than sighted people. Sometimes people are accepting of this but most people act funny around visually impaired people. This I will never understand. Perhaps I will elaborate on that sometime in the near future but for now, to be continued…

Soon after realizing that I was a sub, I discovered the existence of the little and age play communities. People in the D/s community have been accepting of my visual impairment for the most part, so I thought for sure I would be accepted into the local littles community. I’m starting to feel like that isn’t the case. Once I was told that if you had a disability, it was a good practice to let whomever is in charge of the event know, especially if you think you might need help at the event. So I tried to do that. Things seem fine until I bring up my visual impairment. That’s when communication between me and the person or people in charge comes to a complete stop. They stop responding to my messages before I even get a chance to attend one event. I don’t understand. At this point I am very discouraged. I’m just trying to get out there, attend some events, and make new little friends. I have made some little friends online but we live states, some even countries apart from each other. This is why I thought it would be nice to have some little friends in So Cal. So far this has been my unpleasant experience.

It’s times like these when it really sucks to be in an LDR. Maybe things would go much smoother if I had my Daddy here with me.