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They’re Back…!

What a reunion. 😄


Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award

Has nominated me for the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award.

Thank you again, Cinn! I apologize for posting so late. 💛

1. What is your best summer memory so far for 2015?

My best summer memory so far is finally getting my own apartment. It’s been busy, stressful, exciting and full of ups and downs, and this is only the beginning…but isn’t that just a part of such an important step in one’s life? ☺

2. Do you have a favorite website that you always go to? What & why?

Not really, although I love WP. The community is so supportive and real here. It is a drama free zone as far as I can tell.

3. Do you donate to any charity? Which one and why?

Does Goodwill count? A few of the family and I try to donate something every year. We usually bring things like clothes and toys. But last year we were able to give a few pieces of baby furniture. That reminds me! One year my NFB (National Federation of The Blind) chapter came together to donate to this family for Christmas. We took a mother and her three children out to dinner, and bought clothes, toys, a few games, blankets, and lots of gift cards to clothing and grocery stores for them. The mother cried. She made all of us cry. It felt great to be able to help them.

4. What is your favorite way to unwind and relax?

Bubble baths, cartoons or wine hardly ever fail. Sometimes I wish I had access to a swing because that is always relaxing.

5. What brand of health or beauty product would you never give up?

I’m not really attached to any health or beauty product like that. Anything that does not damage or irritate sensitive skin works for me.

6. What is your favorite flower and why?

I love orchids. They are beautiful and they make me happy. 😃

7. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Honestly I’m not much of the outdoorsy type. There are too many creepy, crawly, buzzy little creatures around and I get too freaked out to enjoy it. Oh, but I do love feeding ducks at duck ponds and walking along the water’s edge at night. Water brings me peace.

8. Which is your favorite season and why?

I’m really not sure. Maybe fall or winter because of all the holidays and festivities. MMM! And all of the yummy food! Cakes and pies and my nana’s special macaroni and cheese…! Where was I? Oh, right.

9. Which magical power would you want and why?

You mean I can only choose one? Let’s see… I think I would want the power to fly. That way I could go up up and away when earthquakes hit. I hate earthquakes.

10. What kind of fairy would you be?

I would be a water fairy.



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All of you are awesome and inspiring and I love reading your thoughts. 🙌

My Birthday

I meant to post this yesterday. June 21st was the first official day of summer. It was also my birthday. ☺

Not really a big fan of chocolate but my mom bought it for me. It was delicious! I think my mom may have added her love to it. 😍

I got these from my dad. He and I have been trying to rebuild our relationship these past two or three years. I’ve had too many birthdays without him, so it was nice to spend most of my BDay weekend with him. 😀

Last but not least…

I love wine. Need I say more?

I hope the pictures post. Fingers crossed please. Thanks for letting me share.

Monday Morning Rant

So I found this in my email inbox this morning. I was very tempted to post the link but that would probably make me look like an instigator, which is not my intention. However, I will share a quote because this is my space to write my feelings out.

“Do you think that it is necessary or perhaps more fitting for your daughter/little girl to be in a specific (actual) age range and/or in a specific range of body types?

I’ve seen so many daughters/babygirls that I just can’t take seriously..I understand that it is roleplay and we’re not looking for an actual baby, nor looking for an actual underage teen girl BUT, quite frankly, an obese babygirl/daughter is not at all credible in my eyes, neither is a 40/50 yo. playing little girl. In my opinion there must be some physical/age standards too (and mind that the range I find likable is quite wide). Am I alone in this thought? I think daughters/babygirls would be laughing in your face if you’re younger, smaller and weaker and shorter than your girl and you want her to call you daddy, it’s ridiculous.”

This is disgusting behavior to me! It is okay for one to have preferences but it is not okay to be rude and to invalidate someone because you say they cannot be a ____ because they don’t meet your ridiculous standards for what is and isn’t acceptable.

1. “I’ve seen so many daughters/babygirls that I just can’t take seriously.”

It bothers me when terms like daughter and son are used to refer to the caretaker/little dynamic because it implies that people in these dynamics have incestuous desires. Words like babygirl or babyboy are more like terms of endearment in my opinion.

2. “I understand that it is roleplay…”

For many caretakers/littles, including myself, this is not role play. It is a part of who we are.

3. “…an obese babygirl/daughter is not at all credible in my eyes, neither is a 40/50 yo. playing little girl.”

Why not? Babygirls/babyboys and littles come in all ages and sizes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Apparently someone is paying too much attention to outside appearances, rather than what really matters, the heart. I expect nothing less from someone so shallow. By the way, this guy is 25. Some people around my age have a lot of growing up to do. But then, ignorance and immaturity come in all ages.

4. “I think daughters/babygirls would be laughing in your face if you’re younger, smaller and weaker and shorter than your girl and you want her to call you daddy, it’s ridiculous.”

No, people who know better will be laughing in your face when they see how ridiculous you are. Oh and, keep insulting people if you want them to take you seriously. That’s the way to build meaningful friendships and long-lasting relationships. Note the sarcasm.

Okay, I am finished ranting.

Why I Cannot Do Poly

So far, the majority of people I have come across in the D/s community are either looking for, or already a part of a poly relationship. Some seem very happy. Others not so much. On quite a few occasions I had the chance to talk to people who were in poly relationships. The conversations were great because I was able to understand their views and why that type of relationship worked for them. But at some point in my pursuit of knowledge, I had to stop and ask myself some of the same questions I had been asking them. It is clear to me now more than ever that I cannot do poly.

Yes, I am a sub. Yes, love and relationships can exist in many different forms. Yes, I do trust my Sir but that’s just it. He is MY SIR.

It would be a lie to say that I would not be jealous. I would not be comfortable knowing that the reason my Daddy Dom was not with me, was because he was with another. The thought of some other girl intimately hugging




pleasing my Sir, my Daddy…

It irks me.

No, it would not help to think of the other woman as a sister. To me a sister is a best friend. My sister or best friend would not sleep with my man, and I would not sleep with hers.

I cannot do poly because I am very territorial. I love too hard and fall too deep. I care too much and if some girl broke my Daddy’s heart, all shyness and caution would be thrown to the wind, and I would be ready to break her face. I don’t want to feel like I have to compete with someone else; I had enough of that as a child. I don’t want to feel like I have been replaced or devalued. Abandonment issues will do that to you.

I need to know that Sir is happy with me as his only, that I am the one who has made Daddy smile. I need to know that I am enough.

Call me crazy, possessive, insecure or selfish if you like, but I know myself. It may work fine for some but I know it is not for me. That is one thing I don’t need to try out to be sure.

I don’t want to share my Daddy. I want him to myself.

My love

My Sir

My heart

My Daddy


This post is not meant to offend anyone or tell them how they should run their relationship. Please understand that in no way am I saying that poly is wrong. However, I am saying that poly is wrong for me.