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My Birthday

I meant to post this yesterday. June 21st was the first official day of summer. It was also my birthday. ☺

Not really a big fan of chocolate but my mom bought it for me. It was delicious! I think my mom may have added her love to it. 😍

I got these from my dad. He and I have been trying to rebuild our relationship these past two or three years. I’ve had too many birthdays without him, so it was nice to spend most of my BDay weekend with him. 😀

Last but not least…

I love wine. Need I say more?

I hope the pictures post. Fingers crossed please. Thanks for letting me share.



It’s Christmas Eve here and I have finally gotten a moment to write a quick post. I just wanted to let my WP friends know that I have not forgotten about you. How could I? You’ve shared so much of your lives through your writings. You’ve let me know that I am not alone in my feelings and for that I am grateful.

Wishing all of you many blessings, much love and happiness, peace and a very merry Christmas. Be well!