Monthly Archives: August 2015

Happy Friday!

Isn’t she pwecious? I just want to kiss its little fluffy face! Happy Friday everyone.


Too Many Thoughts, Too Many Feelings

I realize that it has been kind of quiet here lately. I started off writing out my deepest thoughts and feelings but now I feel stuck. Ever had so much on your mind, so much on your heart that you feel the desire to write, but as soon as you begin, every thought and emotion becomes jumbled together? Well, that is how I’ve been feeling for the past few months. Maybe it’s some kind of crazy writer’s block.
How many times will I type and erase, type and erase, type and erase? How many unfinished drafts will sit untouched and unposted because of my jumbled state of mind? Too many thoughts, too many feelings, how does one fix this problem?

I’m not searching for a voice of reason. Just venting I guess. BUT if anyone happens to have some advice, please don’t hesitate to comment.