Monthly Archives: March 2015

About Me

Well, it’s about time I added a little personality to this blog. Wouldn’t you agree? Since I haven’t figured out how to properly edit the body portion of a writing on WP, I have decided to create mini posts for the “about” section. Hoping this doesn’t bore anyone. I am

• shy

Unless I feel comfortable with someone.

• sensitive yet strong

• slow to trust

• playful and sometimes a bit giggly

• loving and tender hearted

• fiercely protective of loved ones and of those who have been wronged

• curious and analytical

Asking questions and picking things apart is just how I learn and understand things.

I love animals, music, science and art. Real friendship and connection is important to me. However, meeting and talking to new people often makes me nervous, even online. Sometimes there are those who I greatly admire and would love to have friendships with, but the shyness gets in the way. Plus I am not all that good with small talk. That I don’t understand. Still I keep trying whenever I get those bursts of “I can do this” energy. ☺

Lastly, I have a visual impairment that only allows me to have partial sight. So I apologize in advance for not having a more interesting blog theme. And if I don’t “like” a picture or screenshot of a quote you’ve posted, it is most likely because I just cannot see it, not necessarily because I don’t like it. ☺

Thanks for reading.

Hmm, now I am wondering if I’ve got a weird little monster for an avatar. Laughs!